Thursday, May 15, 2008

New York grieves for Makoko, the gorilla who drowned in a moat at the Bronx Zoo.

1,2oo zoo visitors were there to see the huge animal fall into the moat and die. And now, you won't be seeing the gorillas, gibbons, chimps, and orangutan in the nice outdoor displays any more. The zoo has brought them all indoors lest any others topple into the deep water that used to seem like a good way to keep them from escaping.

RIP Makoko.



Eli Blake said...

Except some New Yorkers, the Yankee fans are grieving all season long.

There are rumors that DiMaggio is retiring this year.

The Yankees say they have another guy, some new guy named Mantle who will be able to replace Joey D. in center. Maybe. But not with the same kind of class. And It's up to Joe if he does or not. He's still a great player, he could probably hang on for a few more years. But after two consecutive world series wins, he may be looking to make it three in a row and go out on top.

But some New Yorkers are celebrating the rumors of impending doom in the Bronx. Giant fans and Dodger fans are celebrating.

Roger J. said...

who knew gorillas couldn't swim. And there were no grief counsellors around to assuage the visitors trauma.