Monday, May 26, 2008

"Jews in Berlin were warned today that the 'ghetto' law forbidding them to live in Aryan-owned houses would soon be enforced..."

"... and they had 'better seek lodging in Jewish-owned houses now to avoid having quarters assigned to them by the city government.'"

The NYT reports today.

The law, proclaimed May 4, stipulates that Jewish householders must take in Jews at present living in "Aryan-owned" houses.

At the same time certain sections of Berlin — some of which were formerly regarded as "Jewish districts" because of a predominance of Jewish inhabitants — were declared "Aryan districts where Jews are not permitted to live."

These districts include the fashionable Tiergarten district, the near-by Luetzowplatz, the Potsdammerstrasse — one of the more important business streets — the Tauentzienstrasse, the Kurfuerstendamm, the Bayerisches Viertel and the Hansa Viertel. Both of the last-named formerly were largely populated by Jews.


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rhhardin said...

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