Monday, May 19, 2008

"France is not a dominion of the United States."

That's the attitude of the French press today:

"As far as Mr. Roosevelt's decisions are concerned one must ask by what right on on the basis of what treaties he is interfering," said the Matin.

"France did not fall in this war in behalf of Roosevelt or Churchill but for France," added L'Oeuvre.


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bearbee said...

unable to access full article.


Gist of speech according to poster and commenter, references GB:

- Extraits from a speech pronounced by PPF (Parti populaire fran├žais) leader Jacques Doriot at an important party rally in Paris, July 11th 1941. Doriot adresses the audience reminding Great Britain's recent defeats and repeating the committment of the party to rebuild the position of France in Europe.

- He basically says that England has already lost the war and that the French people should commit themselves in the war on the side of Germany for the future of their children. That's a lot of nonsense.