Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lady Doyle go to Coney Island.

This is, apparently, huge news. Look at the size of the article, replete with quotes that show him scrambling for something nice to say when pressed about what he thought of the place:

"Coney Island doesn't give one time to think. I'm trying to get myself together. I must do that before I can think. But I certainly had a good time."
Later, he said he liked the dancing, and he seemed surprised to find refined dancing there.
He refused to discuss Coney's lights, noises, and exciting attractions. They didn't need discussion, he said. They spoke for themselves.
I think it's easy enough to read between the lines there. He didn't like it! He "shot the chutes," rode "the seemingly perilous Whip ride," and toured "the ridiculous Crazy Village."

But check out this article, published yesterday, that shows him expressing a lot of opinions — about suffragists, plumage laws, and New York skyscrapers. ("It seems as though some one had gone over the city with a watering pot and stupendous buildings had grown up overnight as a result.")


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rcocean said...

What a great article. I wanted to keep reading more. Doyle sounds like a fascinating character.

Loved it where Doyle calls "Col. Roosevelt" a "superman" whose discovered a "new river".

Later renamed Rio Roosevelt.